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We engage in a variety of activities, including:conducting in-depth studies, offering extensive research services utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and publishing an array of materials such as research reports, policy papers, and background papers.


  • Research consultation

  • Literature Reviews

  • Review Papers and Reports

  • Surveys and Questionnaire-based Research

  • Assessment and Monitoring Studies

  • Interview-based Research

  • Focus Groups

  • Ethnographic Research

  • Action Research


  • Arab and Muslim LGBTQ in Israel: A community-based action research for the advancement of social change.

  • Continuity and change in patterns of vulnerability in the LGBTQ community in Israel: An analysis of national data from the Aguda’s hotline.

  • Elderly LGBTQ individuals: From theory to Applied Interventions.

  • Characteristics and Needs of LGBTQ Communities in Geographic and Social Peripheries in Israel.

  • LGBTQphobia: Past | present | future

  • Public Perceptions and attitudes regarding transgender people in Israel: Findings from a national pilot study.

  • Barriers to healthcare in the transgender community: Mapping variables and policy recommendations.

  • LGBTQphobia in sports: A status report.

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