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The Israeli Institute for Gender and LGBTQ Studies is an applied social research unit founded in 2021 to fill in gaps in up-to-date and valid knowledge on issues directly affecting the lives of LGBTQ individuals and communities in Israel.

The institute is an independent, professional unit committed to rigorous research and academic excellence within the Israeli Association for LGBTQ Equality. Led by Dr. Sigal Gooldin, the institute’s domains of activity include conducting comprehensive, in-depth studies; providing end-to-end research consultation and services based on a range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies; collecting, analyzing, and making accessible, up-to-date information and data; writing and publishing research reports, policy papers, background overviews, literature reviews, and others.

The institute works in close collaboration with academic researchers across disciplines in Israel and internationally, with LGBTQ organizations and activists, and with national and local government agencies aiming to advance an informed public discourse and to assist policymakers in addressing gender and LGBTQ concerns.

We believe that knowledge is the basis for an informed use of power, towards a benevolent social change, and we invite you to take an active part in our network of partners and supporters.


We seek to deepen our understanding of gender and LGBTQ issues as part of our commitment to advance pluralism and equality in a thriving civil society in Israel.

We seek to make widely accessible, valid, reliable, and up-to-date information and data and to provide a quick response to emerging needs as part of our commitment to advance an informed public discourse and to contribute to a benevolent social change in gender and LGBTQ-related issues.

We seek to collaborate closely with researchers, activists, and multi-sector stakeholders, as part of our commitment to creating a relevant, dynamic, and effective body of knowledge.

To make our vision a reality, our immediate practical objectives are:

To assist policymakers, LGBTQ organizations, civil and private organizations, and other stakeholders by making accessible a wide range of information and data on gender and LGBTQ issues concerning health, social and economic welfare, legal issues, and other vital areas.

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